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Six highly acclaimed virtual instruments with thousands of sounds in one box and all at a great price.
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Steinberg’s HALion VST sampler is a powerfully inspirational virtual sampling and sound design instrument that forms the heart of modern sound creation and production environments.
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Steinberg Dorico
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Steinberg Key USB eLicenser
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Cubase is the most popular DAW today. The product family comprises three members that are tailored to individual needs. From professional producers to film composers, over to talented newcomers and aspiring musicians — there is a version for everyone. Here you can compare Cubase, Cubase Artist and Cubase Elements and pick the version that suits you best.
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With a rich feature set tailored to professional musicians and composers, Cubase Artist 8 offers a wealth of music technology that seeks its equal in its price class. These include an outstandingly efficient new audio engine, inspirational song- writing features, superb virtual instruments, FX and amps, and much, much more.
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Steinberg HALion Sonic 3
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